The main business of the company XYZ OBRADA j.d.o.o. is mechanical processing of different kinds of metals and the production of machine parts and parts for the automotive industry. We are specialized for the production of smaller and highly demanding parts. We are producing on modern CNC machining centers so that we can guarantee our quality. We are offering our services in the fields of CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding, drilling, cutting and product assembly.

If you have recognized us as a potential business partner we would be happy to respond to all your inquires in the shortest term possible and give you the best offer for mutual satisfaction.   


The company exists to satisfy the high demanding needs for the production, processing and services of high quality machine processing products. Functional and aesthetically appealing products which possess high standards, certificates and follow the trends in the industry, and also keep the demanding quality and long life expectation we satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our customers are in first line manufacturing companies which have the demand for special positions which aren’t part of their primary scope and other interested clients. Our employees are encouraged for continual education and they have the possibility to develop their creative potential.



Our vision is to become the leader in our field of expertise on our domestic market so that we assure our clients innovative, high quality, safe and ecological products. Uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction is our fundamental obligation.